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Once again MILTON perfects the right balance in a home at 9 Woodside Avenue. So many customers these days ask for that clean look, modern lines and still love the warm and traditional look that they grew up with – the balance is key and Marybeth Woods has struck the perfect blend in MILTON homes. It just “feels right” when you walk in the door. So what makes this new home different? It’s a 4.9M home but when you enter this house it’s cozy and warm. A recent customer who adores it refers to it as “Paris” forevermore. It evokes that kind of emotion. It is truly something to see. So, on Sunday January 29th, come with your croissant and espresso and get ready to be transported for the moment. 9 Woodside is just the start of a great 2012. We will never stop innovating and to that end we have committed to send a team to Europe to study new design techniques that will add freshness and new dimensions to our homes. We are starting this year off with energy-it’s buzzing and busy here at MILTON and I love it. Here is to a beautiful year of building dreams.