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How would you characterize your design values and preferences?

I’m a designer myself, a graphic designer. I worked for an ad agency for years but I also like interior design, so I really notice and pay attention to all the custom detail that they put into their homes. I see a lot of these cookie cutter houses builders put up. For me, I really like the process of custom building because I can get what I want and really work with Marybeth and with Ashley and Gina.

So it’s really the little details for you?

Big time. It’s so lucky that Marybeth and I are working together and Gina said this to me before I had even met her. She said ‘You two are going to just click.” And it’s so true, the minute I started working with her we just got each other. When we work it just flows.

What do you think your home says about your lifestyle?

Easy, practical, modern but classic. I have my second child on the way so as much as I’d love for it to be like a museum, it can’t be because it has to be livable. I tried to create a combo. I want it to be as beautiful as possible but also be practical and live up to people and kids. I’d say it’s classic, modern, clean, simple…

What are some of the unique functionalities of your future home?

A steam shower in our master bath. My husband is thrilled about that. Heated floors in the master bathroom, which I wasn’t sure about at first. Now that I’m up here and see how cold it is again, I think it’s going to be great. We have a warming drawer in our kitchen. I can keep things warm if my husband is running late or if my son isn’t ready to sit at the table and I’ve already cooked. I’m excited to have a big closet. I miss having that since we’re in an apartment right now. We’re putting in a gym. We’re doing the rubber mats, the mirrors on the walls. We’re going to put a TV up too. So on the days when we’re snowed in, or my son is sick and I can’t get to the gym, or for whatever reason – I can just go downstairs and exercise. I’m really excited for the lower level, the basement. We didn’t have that in Charleston. They don’t have basements because it’s below sea level there and it floods when it rains. I’m looking forward to having that space for a playroom, a TV room, a gym…it’s going to be great. And the kids can have their own area.

What do you love about Westport, CT?

We lived here years ago. When my husband and I first started dating, we got our first place in Westport and got married up here. We moved away for about six years and then we came back. It’s very convenient for my husband. He works in the city and commutes every day. It’s 5 minutes to the train and he’s in the city in an hour. You also have the beach. you have really cute, great shops.  There’s just something about Westport; it’s that kind of eclectic group of people. It has an artsiness that I really like about it too. I definitely think it’s very different from other surrounding towns for sure. And the school systems are amazing here too which we have to think about with our kids.