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At MILTON we believe that outdoor spaces are quickly moving in a popular direction, popping up as true extensions of the home, providing a comfortable, inviting and functional entertainment retreat. We were recently reading one of our favorite websites, houzz.com, and discovered a great article by Sandy Koepke.  If you’re in the midst of planning your patio, deck or yard for lots of festivities this summer, here are three tips on what makes a great outdoor entertaining area.

  1. Consider the Infrastructure: this is especially important if you’re planning on creating an outdoor kitchen area or family room. Introduce a gas line, water, or electrical work before anything else.
  2. Aim for Accessibility: when it comes to making an outside area work as an extension of the home, Sandy recommends upping the accessibility – make it easy to get outdoors and work towards good flow by using lots of windows and doors. Access to the outside should look and feel completely effortless.
  3. Create an Enclosed Space: An enclosure, whether it be a pergola, walls or salvaged windows and doors, gives a sense of place without taking away the fact that you are outdoors.

We incorporated the outdoor living on the third floor of our new home on Buena Vista we are building a spacious outdoor deck with a fireplace, so the homeowners can enjoy a outdoor retreat year round.  For more information on Buena Vista please CLICK HERE.

What will your outdoor retreat be used for this summer? Let us know on the Milton Development Facebook Wall, linked HERE.