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This month Milton is showcasing 11 Blue Ribbon Drive, a stunning new 5 bedroom home in Westport, CT with a striking and sophisticated kitchen.


The modern kitchen has become a central hub for activity and a smartly designed kitchen has become a critical differentiator for the discerning home buyer. We focus on the kitchen this month because with kids back in school and the lazy days of summer behind us, many of us are busy reclaiming this favorite room as a haven for culinary inspiration and the strategic nourishment of our families.

Milton ImageToday’s family kitchen tends to serve as one part short order restaurant and one part household planning station, so it’s important to carve out the right space for both. Careful spacing between sink, counter and stove streamline activities for the chef. Meanwhile, a well placed desk station, bulletin board or organization corner can serve as command central for any busy family.

Make the most of your own space by thinking about your household’s unique needs first and then developing an environment to serve them. Lots of kids and lots of activities? Find a beautiful bulletin board and post a color-coordinated calendar. Drowning in school and community paperwork? Add color coordinated folders (make sure to pick colors that make you happy!) and place them within easy access. Inspired by more recipes than you have real time to tackle? Bookmark your favorites, then set up an in-kitchen ipad station so your technology is ready to work for you on a moment’s notice. Or reclaim an underutilized corner by creating a niche for your laptop and daily paperwork.

Two of our favorite finds this month:

Maximize your leverage of technology in the kitchen with this iPad stand that lends itself nicely to any recipe:

Charge and connect in a snap with these easy to adapt power/USB outlets: