As a leading crafter of distinctive luxury homes in Westport, Connecticut, Milton Development’s exceptional reputation is based on three essential elements: a commitment to uncompromising quality, an eye for sophisticated interior and exterior design, and a willingness to provide our clients with the unparalleled service, knowledge and satisfaction they deserve.

At Milton, we firmly believe there is only one way to do things: the right way. In a world where cutting corners has become the norm, we routinely exceed industry standards for quality and craftsmanship. The result is custom and spec homes with a true artisan character that other builders simply cannot duplicate. And not only are we by your side during the entire construction process—our in-house service team is available well after move-in day. It’s a service no other builder can compete with.

Milton’s many satisfied clients throughout Westport can attest to the meticulous attention to detail and unequaled after-sales service that have become the hallmark of our business. Working with Milton is not just about building a house; it’s a trusted partnership with a dedicated team of professionals who will be there for you long after the completion of your home or renovation project.


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